When I was diagnosed with Hep C I thought my world was ending, I didn't sleep for 2 weeks. When I relapsed after Interferon treatment, I knew the Grim Reaper had my number. It turned out I was wrong, but in the process I lost faith & hope. When the earth quakes one tends to look up. I did, I sought alternatives.


I became intimately familiar with my disease. Taking vitamins & herbs proved to be effective, but also complex & expensive. There had to be a better way. I researched and experimented with making my own vitamins and herbal supplements in varying combinations and doses. I changed my diet, I exercise regularly, I drink lots of water. I felt better!


I developed a cheap and simple way to manage my Hep C while I wait for the cure. With lifestyle changes and my combination of vitamins & herbs I have more energy, less depression, and most importantly a new hopeful outlook on life. Folks with Hep C began to call on me to share my experience and efforts. My process was in demand, of benefit to others.


I was encouraged to package my unique formula of vitamins & herbs and offer them as a product to help the Hep C community. Eureka, Hep Helper was born. Hep Helper, Inc. is employee owned and operated by folks with Hep C. We sell a daily regimen of vitamins & herbal supplements designed specifically for management of Hep C, but our business is inspiration. We're a dot com retailer with a prayer.


 Hep C has taught me a great deal about grace and humility, about kindness and courage, about faith and commitment. I can't say I'm grateful for a close brush with death, but I believe I'm a better person for it. Expectations of myself and others are more diligent, honest and loving. Fear limits me less often. Hep C can be a horrifying lonely island of desolation. You are not obligated to share your diagnosis with anyone. You are not required to become an instant Hep C educator or caretaker of others. You are required to educate and take care of yourself.


You are not alone. In retrospect, I would have been more private, more selective in sharing my Hep C diagnosis. Honor yourself, your privacy, your dignity, and especially honor your health. I believe there will one day be a cure for Hep C, our job is to get there from here.


My dark terrorist vultures were chased off this spring by brilliant, majestic Mountain Bluebirds. My fears and doubts replaced with promise and a new abundance. Hep Helper is flourishing and so am I. I feel good and am told I look great! To you folks with Hep C, love your livers, don't give up. To you folks who know someone with Hep C, love your livers, don't give up on us. We need you! Every day can't be your best, but each day offers promise. Never give up!



To love, to light, to life, to health!


Warmest Regards,










My Story Now


There is a very promising Hepatitis C treatment available now. In most cases it can be taken without interferon, has minimal side effects, and has a very high SVR rate.  It can be cost prohibitive but is worth having a discussion with your Dr. about. Learn if this treatment is right for you.


For me, the treatment is not something I plan to pursue at this time.  I am very healthy. I've had normal liver enzymes for 10 years.  My viral load is below 1M.  My Hep C is in remission. My good diet, lifestyle, and positive attitude have all contributed to how great I feel now. Even if my health insurance covered Hep C treatment I choose not to put unknown toxins in my body.


Hep Helper is still helping many of you after all these years!  Even folks who have successfully completed treatment and are Hep C free continue to take the top quality supplements Hep Helper offers.


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