Diet and nutrition are an important part of managing Hepatitis C. Simply, your diet should consist of low fat, low sugar, low protein, and high fiber. Changing your diet is not easy to achieve but your liver will thank you for it. The goal, to take as much stress off the liver as you can, love your liver.

Try to avoid these:


  • - Junk foods
  • - Red meats
  • - Caffeine, including colas, chocolate, coffee, some teas, and OTC meds
  • - White flour unless it is organic and unbleached
  • - Hydrogenated oils - Hydrogenated or refined oils. Use flaxseed oil or virgin olive oil.
  • - Dairy products
  • - Sugar
  • - Fruit juices - Fruit juices are high in concentrated sugar. Sugar is a shock to the liver.
  • - Artificial sweeteners
  • - Processed foods - processed foods contain preservatives and chemically treated substances.
  • - Alcohol & nicotine



Bathing is one of nature's oldest and purest traditions. We bathe to cleanse, relax, and pamper ourselves. Bathing is an inexpensive place where you can retreat from the world. By adding bath salts, bath oils or a luxurious milk bath, bathing can provide the foundation for inner peace and a renewed spirit. Leave your stress behind for a short time and enjoy a warm soak.

Water, water, water!


It is best to drink distilled water if you can. Drink lots of water, a gallon or more a day is great! Continued flushing of the system is a great way to remove stress from the liver.



There are simple and inexpensive ways to relax and rejuvenate. A little peace and quiet goes a long way towards restoring mental and spiritual balance.

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