Diet and nutrition are an important part of managing Hepatitis C. Simply, your diet should consist of low fat, low sugar, low protein, and high fiber. Changing your diet is not easy to achieve but your liver will thank you for it. The goal, to take as much stress off the liver as you can, love your liver.

Foods your liver loves, consume away!


  • - Whole wheat bread
  • - Whole grain cereals
  • - Cheerios
  • - Malt O Meal
  • - Oatmeal
  • - Cream of Wheat
  • - Brown rice
  • - Vegetables
  • - Beans, all kinds
  • - Refried beans
  • - Lots of vegetable juices
  • - Fresh fruit in moderation (1-2 pieces per day)
  • - Soy milk or rice milk
  • - Corn tortillas
  • - Organic flour tortillas made with unbleached white or whole wheat flour
  • - Salsa
  • - Canned tuna
  • - Pasta
  • - Spices and herbs
  • - Herbal teas
  • - Organic unbleached flour (white) in moderation
  • - Organic Virgin Olive Oil
  • - Flaxseed Oil
  • - Homemade Vegetable Soup
  • - Baked chips

Here are a few of our favorite liver lover dishes:


  • - Spaghetti - with or without a meat substitute
  • - Tacos - with or without a meat substitute and lots of yummy seasoning
  • - Toastados
  • - Enchiladas
  • - Veggie Burgers
  • - Chili Beans
  • - Tuna Salad
  • - Chicken Salad
  • - Cake - in moderation. Eat desserts in moderation. Substitute sugar with honey.
  • - Whole wheat waffles or pancakes - top with a fruit
  • - Pizza - whole wheat crust and vegetarian and cheese
  • - Baked potatoes topped with cheese, or a vegetable or both

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