Carrie Fleiss
Maria Bartolli

Carrie Fleiss

Maria Bartoli

is a registered nurse and contracted Hepatitis C through a needle stick at work. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1997. Maria is a genotype 3a, her viral load at its highest was 20M, her ALTs 196. With Hep Helper and improved diet and exercise, Maria now has a viral load under 1M and ALTs of 50. Maria lives in Detroit, MI with her loving husband, Roger, and their two mutts, Freeway and Rugrat.

is a computer programmer and contracted Hepatitis C through experimentation with IV drugs in college. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1998. Carrie is a genotype 1a, her viral load its highest was 16M, her ALTs 179. With Hep Helper and improved diet and exercise, Carrie now has a viral load under 1M and normal ALTs. Carrie lives in Vero Beach, Fl with her rescued boxer, Lili.


Maria met Carrie in an Interferon drug trial program...


They suffered very scary side effects, but they endured and finished the program. The Hep C virus was no longer detectable.


Little did they know the wicked virus laid in wait gathering strength and attacked them both again with a new vengeance. "What is to become of us now? Are there no alternatives?"


But their friendship had grown stronger too. They vowed to never give up! Maria and Carrie set out on a journey to find alternatives. They embraced vitamins and herbs.

"What if we developed our own combination of vitamins and herbs? They would be high quality and high potency, but low cost and aimed specifically at our Hep C symptoms?"


They spent many months researching and testing to find the right combinations that worked effectively to manage the powerful virus.

"This helps a lot, but it's expensive and complicated.
There must be a better way!"

EUREKA! Hep Helper

was born!

With Hep Helper, improved diets, exercise, and lots of water, they offer affirmations. "We will manage this monster until the cure is real. We will survive and thrive!"


 Indeed they did, and so can you! If you have Hep C, love your liver, don't give up! If you know someone with Hep C, love your liver, don't give up on us!

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